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Cool Collective Medical Technologies (CMT), the leader in network-driven collaborative care manageme...nt, today announced that it has, through its EDIE and PreManage applications, earned Certified Status for information security by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. With the HITRUST CSF Certified Status, CMT meets key healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive private healthcare information. See More
Artificial intelligence solutions—and certainly, the promotion of such solutions—were everywhere this year at the RSNA Conference, held this week at Chicago’s vast McCormick Place, where nearly 49,000 attendees attended clinical education sessions, viewed nearly 700 vendor exhibits. And AI and machine learning promotions, and discussions were everywhere.

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“Event notification systems (ENS) and care coordination applications have historically struggled to provide actionable information to providers at the point-of-care,” says Noah Knauf, partner at Kleiner Perkins. “Collective Medical is the first technology we’ve seen that allows the providers and payers in a local healthcare system to efficiently collaborate, delivering significantly better outcomes through risk analytics, real-time notifications, and shared care planning tools. Supporting this team is a rare opportunity to be a part of something that is meaningfully changing the way care is delivered in this country.”
Anderson, who’s been practicing emergency medicine for 30 years, relies on Collective Medical for 40% of his patients. Recently, a 25-year-old woman showed up in the ER at Auburn Medical Center with abdominal pain. At check-in, an alert popped up next to her name. It was her fifth visit in a year. Her chart showed that she had also been to St. Francis Hospital, Highline Medical Center and Valley Medical Center—all within a 20-mile radius of Auburn. Her prescription drug history revealed that six doctors had ordered narcotics. Anderson contacted her primary care doctor, who was unaware of her ER visits, for a next day appointment, and started her on a treatment for opioid dependence.
For many the idea of a strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD may sound ridiculous, but growers strove to achieve this in their strain Cannatonic. Their final product ended up being a 50/50 hybrid strain that barely achieved a THC percentage higher than 6 percent, however, it’s CBD content tested between 6 and 17 percent. Great for those that need pain relief in the morning or afternoon, the strain may also calm muscle spasms, migraines and headaches. It may calm nausea, anxiety, stress and mood disorders.
Unlike similar services, Ganjarunner charges tax and their prices can be a bit higher than the average dispensary. But that’s because they pay their taxes and work a little harder to give its clients the professional and discreet treatment they expect. It’s not a high price to pay in a state where it’s hard to tell if all the delivery services on are even legal.
CHCF is investing in Collective Medical to help providers serving Medicaid patients with complex needs to better share and act on data about those patients in real time. Successfully coordinating a patient’s care, especially if it is complex and involves numerous providers both inside and outside of the health care system, requires effective data sharing. When providers fail to share data, a patient’s care can fall through the cracks or be needlessly duplicated, both of which can result in higher costs and poorer outcomes.
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One of our moms, Patti, is a social worker in the emergency department. She had been working on complex patient care coordination, particularly for patients who move across emergency departments. She had hypothesized that not only was this happening, but that a subset of those patients was probably opioid-seeking. Nobody talked about that 15 or 20 years ago, so she was pretty prescient on the ground.
On November 15, representatives from the New Mexico Hospital Association, UnitedHealth Group, Molina Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Presbyterian Healthcare Services gathered at the offices of the state’s hospital association in Albuquerque. Providers and payers weren’t meeting to negotiate contentious contracts, but to discuss monthly progress on a piece of software New Mexico hospitals had started implementing in their emergency department in June. It allowed them to flag patients who make five trips annually to multiple emergency rooms, often opioid addicts, notify their primary care doctor or a case manager and coordinate a care plan.
En ce qui concerne l’industrie pharmaceutique, les entreprises de fabrication de médicaments et de produits pharmaceutiques sont concernées par la convention collective nationale de l’industrie pharmaceutique, alors que les sociétés spécialisées dans la fabrication et le commerce de produits parapharmaceutiques et vétérinaires sont soumises à la convention collective nationale de la fabrication et du commerce des produits à usage pharmaceutique, parapharmaceutique et vétérinaire.
Each year, to accompany our Healthcare Informatics 100 list of the largest companies in U.S. health information technology, we profile fast-growing companies that could very well make the list in the future. Below, a write-up of the fourth company that made this year’s Up-and-Comers rendition. The remaining two write-ups will be published throughout this week.

Her personal involvement doesn’t stop there. She often hand delivers the medicine and even works with a hospice center providing relief. “I worked with a woman, my age, who was dying of cancer. Her brother would call me and I would come over with a big bag of prerolled joints. We would smoke together, holding hands, me on the floor, and her laying on the couch.”

The survey from one year ago found that across hospitals, 40 percent of CIO respondents said deploying an enterprise analytics platform is a top priority in 2018. Seventy-one percent of respondents cited integrating with the EHR is a top priority, and 62 percent said physician adoption and buy-in for securing messaging was a top priority in the next 18 months. What’s more, 38 percent said optimizing EHR integration with other hospital systems with a key focus for 2018.

Collective Medical is a Salt Lake City-based developer of collaboration software. I started working on the company with two of my best friends from Boise, Idaho. We grew up together and we all went to Brigham Young University together. Two of us studied computer science and I was the token business guy. I went off to Bain & Company and then Bain Capital for roughly a decade.
So much remains ambiguous about the regulated future of legalized pot in California, even more so in the Central Valley. As some cities are still waiting to make their final decision, others have banned it outright, and Fresno is soon to embark on the unique challenge of writing new policies for medical marijuana businesses, from growing all the way to sales – but one thing is clear, and that it is going to make for a busy yet very interesting 2018.
Since they are derived from cannabis plants classified as hemp, all of the products you’ll find on Eaze Wellness are legal to purchase and ship. So don’t be intimidated by the confusing patchwork of marijuana laws that vary from state to state. Because of Eaze’s deep understanding of the cannabis industry, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product at a fair price, and also that you’re doing everything by the book.
My good friend started it 24 years ago and needed help. He asked me to manage the coffee house for six months. I was doing massage therapy and just got back after studying in Thailand. I wanted to give back to the community. I agreed to six months and stayed for four years. I fell in love with an amazing artist community at Abbot’s Habit. A time that is long gone. This is a time before everyone had a personal computer. They came to the shop to grab the newspaper. They were never known for their coffee, they were known for the community. I really got to know this amazing community.
You can place an order right on our online menu for instant pickup here at our marijuana dispensary, Torrey Holistics. Add products to your shopping cart, review your cart, and provide us with your details on checkout. Once your order is confirmed, it will be ready for pickup within 15 minutes. Payment is still by cash only. Pickup hours are 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

Collective Medical is a Salt Lake City-based developer of collaboration software. I started working on the company with two of my best friends from Boise, Idaho. We grew up together and we all went to Brigham Young University together. Two of us studied computer science and I was the token business guy. I went off to Bain & Company and then Bain Capital for roughly a decade.
On Board Courier or from our proxies in Europe and Asia: A highly secure service where your shipment travels with a courier. The person who collects the shipment delivers it – they look after it for its whole journey. With our extensive range of time-critical international delivery services, our customers can rely on us to get their shipment to its destination as fast as possible – wherever it is in the world. From air freight shipping to same day international delivery, including large and heavy parcel delivery, we can ensure your parcel arrives right on time thanks to our range of fast international delivery services.
CEO Jonathan Baran identifies two forces that have jump-started the company. Number one is that all sorts of routine tasks are piling up on physicians and staff, leading to high levels of burnout and negative consequences. “Health systems have really seen this problem and understand there has to be a better way to do this,” he says. Number two is a change in approach by the EHR vendors themselves. “When we started, it was a foreign concept to have an app store for the EHRs. None of them had one yet. But now we have seen widespread adoption of this model across all the major EHRs,” he says. “They now think about themselves as platforms and open marketplaces where people like us can build technology on top of APIs that allow us to integrate our technology into the workflow. That is a big piece. Without those two major forces—market awareness and enabling innovation by building on top of EHRs—this wouldn't be possible.”

Connoisseurs of both cannabis and fine food can indulge both passions with a four-course supper-club experience from Mass Cannabis Chefs. Customers can peruse menus a few weeks ahead and buy tickets online — prices range from $100 to $150 per person — but they don’t learn the address of the event until the day before. The food is far from traditional stoner fare: Past menus have featured stuffed sea scallops, filet mignon, and cherry clafoutis with fresh whipped cream. And there are occasional vegetarian nights. The cannabis infusion in each course is customized to the individual’s preference.
Clovis was incorporated as a city in February 1912. Sadly, the lumber mill burned down in 1914 and was never rebuilt.  Clovis still has remnants of its rich wild-west heritage, reflected in the slogan "Clovis – A Way of Life". The Clovis Rodeo is still in operation after 100 years.  The bronco-carnival features big hats with lots of cattle, farmer's market, and festival.  Recently "Old Town Clovis" was given a facelift of sorts to bring back its old charm and feeling - in a new (shiny) kind of way.