“Certainly, this is another year where machine learning is absolutely dominating the conversation,” said James Whitfill, M.D., CMO at Innovation Care Partners in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Monday. “In radiology, we continue to be aware of how the hype of machine learning is giving way to the reality; that it’s not a wholesale replacement of physicians. There have already been tremendous advances in, for example, interpreting chest x-rays; some of the work that Stanford’s done. They’ve got algorithms that can diagnose 15 different pathological findings. So there is true material advancement taking place.”
Collective Medical is a Salt Lake City-based developer of collaboration software. I started working on the company with two of my best friends from Boise, Idaho. We grew up together and we all went to Brigham Young University together. Two of us studied computer science and I was the token business guy. I went off to Bain & Company and then Bain Capital for roughly a decade.
“We’re dedicated to supporting our 100 member hospitals and health systems as they improve the quality and safety of patient care,” says Thornton Kirby, FACHE, President and CEO of SCHA. “Our partnership with Collective is a testament to that dedication. The solution has been supporting the integration of behavioral and physical health in states like Washington, Oregon and California for several years and we’re excited to see how it can impact patient outcomes in South Carolina.”
Sanders says having the data generated by the AI software is critical to getting physicians on board with the project. “When we deployed the tool for the pneumonia care pathway, our physicians were saying, ‘Oh no, not another tool’,” Sanders says. “I brought in a PIT Crew (physician IT crew) and we went through our data with them. I had physicians in the group going through the analysis and they saw that the data was real. We went into the EMR to make sure the data was in fact valid, and after they realized that, then they began to look at the outcomes, the length of stay, the drop in readmissions and how the costs dropped, and they were on board right away.”
Srinivas from Mysuru, Syed from Banashankari and Shivakumara from Bannerghatta, inspired by the food-delivery industry, developed a database of customers who would place an order for ganja (marijuana) on call. The trio delivered the order in 30 minutes using an auto-rickshaw.Srinivas was earlier caught with 26kg of ganja in January 2017 and arrested.

The one thing is parking is kind of a bitch. Actually to most people who don't live in ktown the parking is a huge fucking hassle if it's a bit full. But I'm used to this type of shit since I live nearby which is basically like parking hell. But I tend to just pick up my weed in the evening when the flower shop is closed and their parking is open which makes things much easier.
As of January 1st, medical and recreational (adult use) marijuana became legal in the state of California. Per the Prop 64 measure, adults over the age of 21 can now consume, purchase, possess, and grow cannabis without the fear of prosecution so long as they are within the regulation of the new law… and in accordance with any other policies put in place by the city in which they reside.
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The state of California now allows for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to 1 oz of marijuana for personal consumption. Each household (not person) may contain up to 6 plants. However, the rules of growing are likely to differ between cities. As a general rule, plants are to be grown indoors, and they should not be visible to others outside your household. Smoking in public is prohibited under the ballot measure of Prop 64 unless allowed by a local ordinance – in other words, don’t smoke it just anywhere, fines may occur.
The Nervous System is in charge of coordination of the body functions.The Endocrine System includes our glands which produce hormones that instruct our bodies how to grow.The Respiratory System is in charge of all our bodies gaseous transfer through the lungs and nose.The Circulatory System manages the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body.The Digestive System is in charge of absorption and digestion of nutrients within our body. The Muscular System is in charge of the healthy movement of our muscles in the body.The Skeletal System is in charge of our body’s healthy form. This Excretory System is in charge of healthy elimination of waste in the body. Healthy Structure and Support.Reproductive Genitals – Life reproduction

Add a dose of relaxation to your weekend escape by choosing an inn that embraces cannabis consumption. For an immersive adventure, head to Maine Greenyards in Auburn, which offers comfortable suites, an indoor pool and hot tub, and breakfast featuring its own farm-fresh eggs. Guests can bring marijuana, and they’re encouraged to tour the innkeepers’ cannabis gardens and learn about the diverse strains under cultivation.

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Workshops are generally a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on demonstrations, so students should be prepared to get their hands dirty — literally. Mixing soil is a key element of the Methods of Cultivation class. Smoking is prohibited in the classroom, though vape pens are allowed. Still, the focus is on instruction rather than consumption, the owners say.
Of course, inevitably, there was talk around the talk of the hype cycle involving artificial intelligence. One of those engaging in that discussion was Paul Chang, M.D.., a practicing radiologist and medical director of enterprise imaging at the University of Chicago. Dr. Chang gave a presentation on Tuesday about AI. According a report by Michael Walter in Radiology Business, Dr. Chang said, “AI is not new or spooky. It’s been around for decades. So why the hype?” He described computer-aided detection (CAD) as a form of artificial intelligence, one that radiologists have been making use of for years.
awesome job guy’s – i ordered for the first time a few weeks ago – and decide to make another order on dec 21st very early in the morning – so that i would have something rolling along for after the xmas weekend and i have no idea how busy they are ,i can only imagine especially this time of year , but they had my package processed and in the mail complete with tracking confirming CP has it -that day – i mean i’m not without so if it arrives after xmas – so be it – GE has gone above and beyond to serve their customers and its CP’s hands now -you cant ask for more than that . Merry xmas to all at GE ,looking forward to ordering in the new year

The company has an intriguing startup story. Fifteen years ago, one of the founders’ mother, Patti Green, was an emergency department social worker in Boise, Idaho, and suspected that some patients were opioid seekers. She set up a rudimentary collaborative care plan for providers to use to identify and help these patients. “It is easy for us now to talk about the opioid epidemic. Nobody was really talking about it 15 years ago, but she was seeing it on the ground,” says Chris Klomp, Collective’s CEO, “and she did something about it.”
Collective Medical currently has relationships with each US national health plan and hundreds of hospitals and health systems, according to a statement. There are 13 states currently on Collective's network, with plans to add another 10 states scheduled for 2018. In August, the company was featured for the first time on Inc. Magazine’s Inc 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America, with $5.8 million in 2016 revenue and 561 percent growth over the last three years.
The AI tools from Ayasdi revealed new, improved care pathways for pneumonia after analyzing thousands of patient records from the hospital and identifying the commonalities between those with the best outcomes. The application uses unsupervised machine learning and supervised prediction to optimally align the sequence and timing of care with the goal of optimizing for patient outcomes, cost, readmissions, mortality rate, provider adherence, and other variables.
Closest dispensary to my house I'm pretty sure. I think there might be one or two a tiny bit closer, but it's just such a habit for me to go here lol so I just keep coming back. I've never had a bad experience - one time this girl was getting kinda short with me and I felt a teensy bit insulted but in the end she was just trying to get me the best deal on bud as possible :) and she warmed up when I was like ohhhhh ok I get it sorry I'm just so bad at math. She had to write it down lol so embarrassing  so at the end I was genuinely so happy and thankful for her. If you're reading this now thank you so much for helping my stupid ass !! I've had good experiences with every budtender here and even the security guard.
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An interesting observation was made in some clinical studies in the mid-1990’s that is noted in Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution. (Avon books) The doctor suggests that a principal ingredient in the fight against all arthritis should be Omega-3 fatty acids. And why is that? Because this essential acid clearly demonstrates that Omega-3 relieves both pain and inflammation.
So what does that mean to those who suffer from osteoarthritis? Your body converts saturated fats into PG2, which has an inflammatory effect on your body. On the other hand, both Omega 3 (PG3) and Omega 6 (PG1) have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body. By now you should all be aware that part of your pain problems associated with osteoarthritis results from inflammation.
The survey from one year ago found that across hospitals, 40 percent of CIO respondents said deploying an enterprise analytics platform is a top priority in 2018. Seventy-one percent of respondents cited integrating with the EHR is a top priority, and 62 percent said physician adoption and buy-in for securing messaging was a top priority in the next 18 months. What’s more, 38 percent said optimizing EHR integration with other hospital systems with a key focus for 2018.
Can't believe I haven't found out about this place as I've been living in the area for quite some time now. A friend told me... read more about this place so I HAD to check it out. All you need is an California ID and 21+. No medical card required! All the workers are super chill and very helpful. As a first timer like myself, they give you a free joint after you purchase one or more of their products. Prices aren't bad either. I am definitely going back here whenever I need more goodies!! THANK YOU TORREY HOLISTICS!!!! read less
Cannabis delivery has never been easier thanks to Vireo Health’s New York medical marijuana delivery service. We understand that individuals prescribed medical marijuana can’t always make it to a dispensary. At the same time, cannabis-based capsules, oral solutions, vaporization cartridges, and vaporization oils can be a vital part of treating chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, and other serious conditions. Going without that vital medication for even a day can be painful and difficult.
Baran says that although automation of repetitive tasks is the ultimate goal, the first step in automation is delegation. “That means shifting the work from physician to staff and using technology to make that process as easy as possible. For the physicians it looks like automation because you are taking this work off their plates, and we use technology to make the process as easy as possible for the staff.”

“Every hospital has been struggling with this for decades, managing clinical variation,” he says, noting that traditional methods of addressing clinical variation management have been inefficient, as developing care pathways, which involves identifying best practices for high-cost procedures, often takes up to six months or even years to develop and implement. “By the time you finish, it’s out of date,” Sanders says. “There wasn’t a good way of doing this, other than picking your spots periodically, doing analysis and trying to make sense of the data.”
“But Woodlake – a town of less than 8,000 people about 15 miles northeast of Visalia in Tulare County – has pushed forward at breakneck speed, going from idea to ordinance to the approval of two companies’ dispensary proposals in less than six months. City leaders hope to unlock a treasure trove of tax revenue, which can be used to beef up a thinning public service budget and attract customers to a blip on the map found well off the beaten path.” (Rory Appleton, The Fresno Bee)